DLD Group Inc.

Your Back Office Solution

Our Business is taking care of your back office. You can spend more time growing your business, by outsourcing time consuming business tasks. Our staff are fully trained experts in all aspects of business solutions. For less money and no upfront start-up costs, DLD provides professional management support, web development services and software development support.

Since each client has unique needs, DLD offers a wide range of business support packages tailored to individual needs. DLD is committed to the development of sound and cost efficient business practices that help businesses thrive. Working together as partners, DLD helps to improve sustainability and maintain viable and successful businesses.

Outsourcing Advantage

More and more businesses are moving to outsourcing to improve their productivity and financial stability. Outsourcing is often associated with big business and multinational organizations. However outsourcing can be especially effective for not for profits and mid-size businesses as well. Outsourcing allows businesses to hire the talent when and where it is needed without long term staffing costs. By outsourcing day to day operations and one time projects, business can concentrate on their core services and products. Outsourcing improves efficiency, reduces overhead costs and training requirements and saves valuable time.

"Working together as partners, DLD provides business solutions that Develop Logical Directions for your future."

Business Support

To succeed today in this highly competitive and challenging environment, organizations must be open and committed to change. The ability to think “outside the box” and understand the “big picture” are the cornerstones of today’s success. We can help you to make changes that will create a more responsive and…

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Management Consulting

Solution Focused DLD Management Consulting offers independent and unbiased opinions in an open approach. We are skilled at diagnosing problems and identifying solutions. Working together, we can help you to implement the right solution. Building on a strong base of applied experience, DLD helps organizations in the areas of business…

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Website Services

We provide websites to meet your individual business needs. Our sites are designed to reflect your vision and values while meeting the needs of your target audiences. The process starts with a design consultation to ensure your website reflects your own personal brand. As the site is developed you receive…

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Software Development

In today’s world we know that if you cannot measure something you cannot manage it. To this end DLD helps Clients to develop and maintain custom web based software to meet their business objectives. DLD is highly successful at developing user-friendly software systems for non-expert users that include education and…

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French Language Services • Services en Français

DLD Group offers comprehensive French translation and interpretation services including comprehensive French Language Services support for clients with compliance requirements under the French Language Services Act. DLD Group fournit des services en matière de traduction et d’interprétation dans la langue française y compris un soutien dans le domaine de services…

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Team Approach

In today’s economy, maintaining a team of top notch professionals is the key to success. However, many organizations cannot afford to maintain a full time roster of the talent that they need. DLD can help address this shortfall. DLD maintains a team of highly trained business professionals, as well as,…

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Privacy Policy

The DLD Group Inc. is committed to safeguarding all personal and client proprietary information against unauthorized collection, use and disclosure. Our privacy policy protects personal and corporate information, received both directly and indirectly from you and your sources. The integrity of your information will be maintained at all times. View…

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We believe the most important aspect in selecting a new partner is deciding if you can work together. To make sure we are the right fit for each other, we provide an initial introductory and assessment session free of charge. Together we review current needs, expectations and timeline. If you…

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